Do you like to unleash the animal within? Are you loyal and eager to please? Are you ready to follow commands? Are you ready to experience the reward of being an obedient pup? Every dog needs obedience training. Come to Mistress X, the Human-Pup Handler. Your Dominant Master and Loving Owner.

Offering kink and companionship to human pups of all levels.

Mistress X is a method-free Pup Handler as all Pups are different and respond differently to corrections based on size and overall disposition. Mistress X believes training sessions should always end on a positive note; for this reason Pup training sessions are always 50% obedience and 50% bonding. Training sessions may include the use of:

Mistress X specializes in training Human Pups who aspire to be Show Dogs or Top Dogs.

Show Dogs are proud, well behaved animals who have experienced rigorous training. They have excellent posture, gait and a performance mentality. Human Pups can graduate to Show Dog after a minimum of 3 training sessions with Mistress X exemplifying proper obedience and ability to take a moderate correction.

Top Dogs are truly rare. Top Dogs have completed Show Dog training and have continued to prove to be extremely loyal and obedient. Top Dogs display the temperment desired to model behaviors for other human pups in training. Top Dogs are well behaved but still Alpha, they keep other human pups in check and are greatly rewarded by Mistress X. Top Dog designations are fully at the discretion of Mistress X and are not easily won. Be prepared for rigorous training sessions and moderate to severe correction.

Mistress X realizes most of you will fall into the category of pup or pet and gladly welcomes those who wish to casually explore their playful side as a pup or their loyal, boundary pushing side as a beloved pet. Pups and pets should expect to follow a light obedience training regimine with mild correction.

Sit. Stay. Good boy.